Arrrrr…. A Pirate Themed Birthday Party!

(image credits clockwise from top left: Kidspot, Flickr, 4 BP, Beau-coup, Etsy, Kiind, Beau-coup, Pizzazzeri, Etsy, Beau-coup, Beau-coup)

Ahoy matey!! Is a special little pillager of yours having a birthday party anytime soon? Consider hosting a pirate themed birthday party for him or her! Kids love this theme because it gives them a chance to dress up and to play the part. You’ll also love this theme because of how festive and fun it is.

It’s pretty easy too! Here’s how:

  • Send out pirate themed invitations made to look like treasure maps
  • Host pirate themed games such as “walk the plank” or create an actual treasure hunt for booty
  • Decorate throughout with ships, flags, and skulls & crossbones for a perfect pirate look
  • For favors, hand out eye patches and temporary tattoos!

Your mini pirate guests will have a blast pretend pirating and you’ll love how easy this party was to put together. This theme is a sure fire hit!

For even more inspiration, visit our pirate pinterest board!