Celebrating a Christmas Baby’s Birthday

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With Christmas coming in a matter of days, we thought this would be a good time to pay tribute to the many Christmas babies out there. If you were born on or around Christmas, it’s a pretty safe bet that you always felt a bit slighted having to share your special day with a major holiday.

This year, we ask for the sake of all the Christmas babies of this generation and beyond, to honor their birthday with as much fervor as you would anyone else’s birthday. Let’s show these Christmas babies just how special they are and how much we celebrate them being born!

They Say It’s Your Birthday – Yeah, The Actual Day

For starters, don’t reschedule their birthday. Can you imagine how sad it is to never celebrate your actual birthday? If they were born on Christmas day, celebrate on Christmas day. This understandably is not without difficulties. Lots of planning and organizing will need to occur before both major events.

A good tip is to celebrate Christmas traditions on Christmas eve, or on either Christmas morning or Christmas evening solely. Depending on what your family’s traditions are, pick the most important events/time-frame and organize around that. On the flip side, if it’s tradition to celebrate a birthday in the morning, then move the opening of Christmas presents to Christmas eve.

Presents, Presents, Presents

Another important bit of advice is to give at least TWO presents. Don’t be a Grinch. By giving only one present for the Christmas baby, it’s the equivalent of not receiving a birthday present at all! Be sure to keep them separated too. Christmas presents in Christmas wrapping, birthday presents in birthday wrapping. If cost is an issue, buy throughout the year and store away until the big day.

What Christmas? We’re Off To The Islands Mon’

For the birthday party, choose a different theme from Christmas/winter entirely. Make it as much of a different event as possible, particularly if you’re celebrating at home where Christmas decorations are strung all around. For example, throw a luau or island themed birthday party. At this “event” (separate from the Christmas celebrations entirely) serve island foods, wear floral shirts and play luau music. This departure is so far from a traditional winter Christmas theme, the birthday boy or girl will feel like they’ve been transported away to a different location and another calendar month entirely!

While it’s important to celebrate the birthday on the actual day of, if the ultimate wish is to have a party and December 25th is just not feasible for many family members and guest, try to host an official soiree on another day. Still acknowledge the birthday day of however with separate decorations, cake, and presents.

Let Them Eat Birthday Cake

A very important birthday aspect is the cake. Be certain to make/buy the Christmas baby’s favorite birthday cake for their celebration. Putting some candles on a fruitcake or holiday pie is cheating. This is a very important yet easy undertaking to make them feel special and acknowledged.

Hey Christmas Baby, You’ve Got Mail

Lastly, a cute tip is to send the Christmas baby a birthday card in the mail. With this time of year, many are receiving Christmas cards in the mail but imagine how special it is to receive a birthday card! It’s easy to do too. Just drop the birthday card off at the same time as your Christmas cards. This is great for kids in particular as they love to receive mail!