Admittedly, I have been out of the mindset of weddings, and getting swept up in the holiday frenzy along with everyone else. Every year, there’s nothing like that giant tree going up in Union Square that better signals the coming of the holidays for me. But the freezing cold weather is enough to keep me from shopping downtown, and instead, confine myself to my cozy bed with my laptop. I’m not usually one for shopping online, but it really broadens your range! You can get so many things that you wouldn’t normally find at your local mall. Check out Beaucoup’s holiday-themed favors section. Who says favors only belong at weddings and formal parties? How nice would it be to receive a small favor at your table setting the next time you go over to a friend or family member’s house for dinner? It’s a classy touch, and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For the season, I recommend a nice tree ornament for each guest. It’s timely, inexpensive, and so unexpected, that you will instantly become the host with the most.