Guy-Friendly Baby Showers – Beer and Diapers Theme

So you’re having a baby? No doubt you and your spouse are eagerly looking forward to holding your little bundle of joy, but first you have to have a baby shower to help you prepare!

Get excited about being a father!

Unfortunately most dads-to-be are a little lost when it comes to traditional baby showers. They tend to be about cutesy, kitschy details that inspire tons of “oohs” and “aahs” from all the female attendees.

That’s why we’re loving an emerging trend – so-called “dadchelor” parties.

What is a dadchelor party? It’s one last hurrah for the guys before the baby arrives, but it is also a way to celebrate daddy’s little prince or princess.

Guy Friendly Baby Shower Ideas - Beer, BBQ, and Babies Invitation

And what could be more exciting for a new dad than a beer and diapers themed  baby shower?

He gets to celebrate two pretty awesome things at the same time – his growing family, and drinking beer with buddies.

Some eager celebrants have taken the beer and diapers theme rather seriously, with their own fun take on a (beer and) diaper cake:

Guy Friendly Baby Shower Ideas - Beer and Diaper Cakes

And others have gotten creative with a traditional cake, making this edible treat into a work of art that’s almost too awesome to cut into:

Guy Friendly Baby Shower Ideas - Edible Beer and Diaper Cake

And for your simplicity-loving dad-to-be, it’s pretty easy to plan one of these showers.

Step 1: send invitations to guests.

Step 2: ask guests to purchase items off your registry:

Guy Friendly Baby Shower Ideas - Car Filled with Beer and Diapers

Step 3: gather together to stockpile those diapers, and then pour the rest of your registry gifts into frosty glasses and enjoy with your favorite fellas!

What do you think of a beer and diapers themed baby shower? Have you had one, or would you consider one? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or click “Like” to get the conversation started on Facebook!