Easy How To: DIY Decorated Paper Fans For Any Occasion

Here at Beau-coup, we love it when “fabulous end results” meet up with “very little effort required”. Just call us efficiency fanatics… we’re a-okay with that!

So when we created this easy DIY decorated fan tutorial, you can only imagine how ecstatic we were with the end results. With very little effort, we transformed blank paper fans into beautiful works of art! These gorgeous accessories are perfect for wedding favors, outdoor ceremonies, or any other party occasion.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Seriously, you only need about 4 items to get started. A pencil, stamp pad and/or glitter glue, and blank paper hand fans.

Let’s Get Started

If going the stamp pad route, choose your color and with the eraser tip, lightly dip and test onto a napkin/paper.


– Use the napkin or paper to remove excess color if necessary

– Use an x-acto knife to create a smooth and even surface of a used eraser tip if an unused pencil is not available

– In the absence of a stamp pad, acrylic paint works well too

Spread the fan as flat as possible and start dotting using your selected color choice(s) and pattern.


– Let paint fully dry before closing the fan

– Clean eraser tip with a wet paper towel between color changes


Another option is to use a glitter glue pen. This variation is even easier (as if that was even possible!) and it creates an entirely different look.

In Conclusion

Voila! In no time and with very little effort and money, you’ll end up with beautifully customized decorated fans. This is a fun project that can be done with the kids as a summertime craft, or for an upcoming wedding ceremony. You can also shop our wedding fan collection for even more stylish options!