Creative Fall Craft Ideas: Fun For Kids & Adults

Fall is an excellent time to craft with its many naturally occurring art “supplies” available like leaves, seeds, and pumpkins lying around.

Take advantage of autumn’s abundant bounty by getting crafty with these creative fall craft ideas. Family friendly and fun for kids and adults of all ages!

Toilet Paper Bats

(image credit: Mollymoo)

Cute AND resourceful.


Hand Print Acorn

(image credit: Crafty Morning)

Let your kids get their hands dirty with this fun craft!


(image credit: 6th Street Design School)

Easy to make and absolutely stunning when draped along walls, entryways, and buffet tables this fall.


(image credit: Crafty Morning)

Find new purpose with an old recycled water bottle in order to create pumpkin art!


Paper Bag Crafts

(image credit: She Knows)

Sick of paint? Try having some fun with paper!


Pinecone Hedgehog

(image credit: Kiddley)

These little guys are so cute, we think they we’ll keep them around year-round.


Leaf Peepers

(image credit: The Artful Parent)

Easy to make and a great way to re-purpose fall leaves.


Apple Mason Jars

(image credit: The 36th Avenue)

Since the mason jar trend isn’t going anywhere… might as well jazz them up for fall dontcha think??