Best Hangover Cures – Tried and True Ways To Beat Drinking Woes

We’ve all been there… achy, dehydrated, and looking to be put out of our misery.

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If you’ve ever partied just a little bit too hard, then this post is for you.

You’re probably thinking “But hangovers are totally avoidable, if you just stop drinking, right?”, well yes. But in all honesty, sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Here at Beau-coup, we understand that celebrating life – be it through a birthday party, wedding celebration, or even… Thursday – can sometimes turn into quite a rager. So when these fun events happen in life, you’re likely having such a great time that the imminent threat of hangover suffering is the furthest thing from your mind. That is of course, until you wake up in the morning wishing for the sweet release of death.

But before you continue on the downward spiral of self-loathing, arm yourself with some sweet hangover cures that WORK. You’ll be up and at ’em in no time with these best hangover cures.


Liquid Hangover Cures

A major culprit to feeling bad after a night of drinking is due to dehydration. So it only makes sense that plenty turn to hydration as a means to feel better. But what’s better advice than just drinking water? How about drinking some less commonly expected beverages like Pedialyte, Gatorade, coconut milk, and wheatgrass? Not only do all these liquids provide hydration, they aid in putting back what drinking took out – electrolytes and sugar. A shot of wheatgrass in particular is said to detoxify the liver. So what the heck, go ahead and give it a shot (sorry)!

Other beverage options that are good for temporary relief include soda, Bloody Marys, and coffee. These beverages – unlike the previous – do not provide nutritional content, but are quick fixes if you’re in a pinch.


Actionable Hangover Cures

For those of you who refuse to accept hangover defeat, then taking action as a means to a cure may be right up your alley. What might said action be? Activities like sleep, light exercise, and taking a bath are all doable actions to relieve hangovers.

Stealing a few more zzz’s is important because alcohol interrupts a good night’s sleep. So if possible, try to grab a few more minutes/hours to make up for the lost time. Your body also tends to repair itself during sleep so this way, you’re truly maximizing your hangover cure.

Working out is also a good action item as it detoxifies your body by sweating out the alcohol. Also, as you exercise, your body is metabolizing the remaining alcohol at a much quicker rate than if you were sedentary – leading to a shorter hangover time (bonus)!

When it comes to taking a bath, think hot… hot mustard that is. Yeah, that’s right, plenty of people out there in hangover land swear by mustard and wasabi soaks to cure a night of drinking indulgence. Both forms are said to increase blood circulation and help to detoxify the body. If trying out this method, turn to the powdered versions. Just a couple of tablespoons and a 20 minute soak ought to do it.


Food Hangover Cures

Depending on your hangover symptoms, finding the right food can be a HUGE hangover helper. If you’re feeling nauseous, then reach to starchy and bland foods like crackers and toast to calm the stomach.

If you’re feeling ravenous then greasy foods can assist as it helps the alcohol to absorb. But in general, these go-to foods are hugely popular for curing a nasty hangover: Pho, menudo, seafood, pickle juice, green chile, and bananas all seem to top the charts.


OTC Drug Hangover Cures

If you subscribe to the belief that a pill will take care of all the suffering, then this section is for you. While it isn’t advisable to consistently be reaching for pain relievers – as they can thin the blood – there are other over the counter products that help.

Over the counter products like Alka Seltzer, charcoal pills, and vitamins can help cure a hangover big time. Alka Seltzer and charcoal pills help to tame an angry tummy while taking a multivitamin the night before, can lessen hangover symptoms like headaches and body pain by replacing the vitamins and nutrients lost during the night of drinking.


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