His Perspective: From Bended Knee To Boutonniere


I know people say you have to meet the right person at the right time. But I don’t think this is true. No, you have to meet the right person and then be patient enough to wait until it is the right time. I met Faye a full year before either of us was ready…Read more >>

EPISODE 1: So I met this girl…

Should Eric really get married? He is only in his late 30s! But there is truth to that old adage, “when you know you just know.”…Read more >>

EPISODE 2: A ring is very expensive

Should Eric pick out a ring with his American Express card, or use a dusty family heirloom that he doesn’t know much about…Read more >>

EPISODE 3: Permission from the P’s

Should Eric follow tradition and ask Faye’s progressive parents for permission to marry their daughter? They couldn’t possibly care either way…right?…Read more >>

EPISODE 4: How did we get engaged? Let me tell you!

Eric and Faye have different versions of their engagement story. Eric likes giving details. As in all of them…Read more >>

EPISODE 5: Where should we do this thang…?

Should Eric and Faye get married near his family and friends in Los Angeles – or near Faye’s family on the East Coast? Or hey, there is always New York. Wait! How about a simple DIY in the backyard?…Read more >>

EPISODE 6: Centerpieces? What centerpieces?

There is much more to planning a wedding than just asking a girl and showing up on the big day in a tux. In fact there are 967,245 more things…Read more >>

EPISODE 7: We can do this for under $6000!

Let’s see…feed 130 people, give them drink and provide them with shelter from the rain, while looking super hot…Watch that budget triple right before your very eyes!…Read more >>

EPISODE 7.5: Emergency Poll!

I interrupt your usually scheduled blog because I need some emergency honeymoon advice from all of you…Read more >>

EPISODE 8: Calling all caterers!

Eric has to call some caterers. The phone causes Eric anxiety. Lots of anxiety…Read more >>

EPISODE 9: Four Bridesmaids for Seven Groomsmen

What if Eric picks so many groomsmen that he could field a major league baseball team? Will half the backyard collapse?…Read more >>

EPISODE 10: Do people realize that STD stands for something else?

Eric and Faye cannot figure out what to do for their save the dates…Read more >>

EPISODE 11: Saying “no” to the dress.

Faye bought a dress! But now she is regretting her decision. How can Eric help cheer Faye up and convince her that she has made the perfect choice, when tradition mandates that he isn’t allowed to see the dress until the wedding day?…Read more >>

EPISODE 12: To invite or not to invite, that is the disaster waiting to happen.

Eric and Faye’s first count included almost 300 people – so cutting it down to 120 should be no problem…Read more >>

EPISODE 13: The Backyard is out! The Mill Room is IN!

After much deliberation, we decide to change venues. At least we won’t need a port-a-potty…Read more >>

EPISODE 14: Registering our greed.

We need to figure what to register for. And where. Is it gauche to register for your honeymoon?…Read more >>

EPISODE 15: Judy and Craig broke up! Should we still seat them together?

Seating chart cha-cha…

EPISODE 16: The big day!

Post-mortem/wrap-up of how it all went down…