The perfect wedding gift and other ideas

My closest friend and roommate of 5 years is getting married next month. Naturally there has been a flurry of activity around this upcoming event. I never got around to posting about some of the goings on…so here’s a sum up of the bachelorette party and the bridal shower:

The bachelorette partyView of Cancun Lagoon

  • A weekend in Cancun
  • 10 girls came on the trip…the perfect number as it turned out for van pools, large dinner tables and pairing up
  • The resort was all-inclusive which eliminated the need to split every bill 10 ways
  • The drink of the weekend was a scrumptious blend of pina colada and strawberry daiquiri called the Miami Vice
  • Bachelorette party games or embarrassing ”dares” for the bride were undertaken at a club in downtown Cancun. The funny thing was, most of the guys at the club were not Americans therefore had no clue what we were up to. Try explaining ’suck for a buck’ to a couple of Irish boys and you’re sure to be met with a couple of blank stares. Ahh, good times.
  • I prepared personalized beach bags as party favors for the girls guessing, correctly, that they’d come in handy on this particular trip. They loved their favors!Personalized Tote Bags

The Bridal Shower

  • Was held at the bride’s parents’ house
  • We nibbled on finger foods
  • Played a few games
  • and opened gifts (luckily, I was spared from having to play toilet paper bride for the umpteenth time as we were trying to be mindful of wasting paper products)
  • The favors were luggage tags for everyone, personalized travel tea tins and tea caddies for the adults and mini gumball machines for the kids. I packaged everything in these gable boxes I found at a packaging store and added a personalized label to the front of each.

Gable BoxesPersonalized Label

  • My favorite part of the day was giving my gift to the bride. I got her a beautiful personalized serving bowl and a matching personalized platter. I ordered them from Jessica Rust Designs ( I picked the birch tree design and personalized each with the bride and grooms initials and their wedding date. They turned out beautifully. I hope they’ll have these pieces for decades to come.

Bridal Shower Gift