So you think you can dance

Weddings often turn into a venue for random displays of talent. When it is done tastefully, it can be very meaningful, and add measures to the event. But occasionally, you witness a performance at a wedding that seems neither here nor there, and although it might be entertaining, could leave the guests bewildered. Unfortunately, the incident to which I’m referring was a dance recital put on by, none other than, my own parents. I found a photo of them dancing at my cousin’s wedding, and was just recalling how out of place the piece was. Don’t get me wrong, they’re fine dancers. My parents have been taking ballroom dancing lessons for a couple of years now, and they know the waltz, ramba, samba, jitterbug, swing, quick-step, foxtrot, tango…and I’m sure, many others. In fact, their skills as novices are very impressive when demonstrated in the foyer of my house. But in the formal setting of my cousin’s wedding, among hundreds of guests, many of whom are business associates and the like, I found myself cringing while watching my folks twirl around the dance floor in full sequined costumes. Okay, maybe I’m biased because they’re my parents, since the rest of the audience seemed to enjoy, if nothing else, their candidness and genuine enthusiasm.

I have also seen wonderful talent, very appropriately showcased at a wedding. At a friend’s recent nuptials, the groom serenaded his bride during the ceremony with a song that he wrote and composed for the occasion. I had not known that he was an accomplished pianist, and was floored, by both the flawlessness of the performance, and the romantic gesture. To top it off, he had managed to keep the entire thing a surprise! Well done.