How To Set Up a Gorgeous Wedding Candy Buffet: Easy Step-by-Step Directions

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… That’s all it takes to setting up a gorgeous wedding candy buffet.

As you’re probably well aware of already, candy buffets are hot, hot, hot and we don’t see any signs of this fun trend slowing down.  But why would it? It’s inviting, thematic, and best of all… delicious!

Today we’ll show you how to create a candy buffet on your own that’s worthy enough of your wedding. All it takes is 5 easy steps.


Step 1: Choosing Your Theme/Colors

A candy buffet consists of many different candies, containers, shapes, and sizes. So it’s important to pull all of these different factors together by way of a theme or color story in order to achieve a cohesive look.

Your selected theme will pave the way towards the selection of candies, containers, and decorations so it is important to master this step first. An easy way to select your color theme is by considering your wedding colors. For example, if your wedding color is purple, then opt for a multi-hued purple candy buffet. The different hues and shades of purple will enhance your wedding colors beautifully while still allowing the buffet to stand out on its own.

Another option is to choose a complementary candy buffet color theme entirely different from the wedding color. Let’s say your colors are black and white, try playing up a gold themed candy buffet. The gold will complement the black and white theme without being overly matchy-matchy.


Step 2: Selecting Your Candies

Now that you’ve chosen your colors, let’s get to the sweet stuff. Choosing candies may seem like an easy task, given the wide selection of candy to choose from. But have you considered how much to get? How many different options you should provide? What shapes to choose? These are important factors to consider for a varied and interesting candy buffet.

To make it easier, we suggest the following in candy selection:

  • Be sure to include these shapes: small and round (foil wrapped chocolate balls), long and straight (licorice sticks), and whimsically wild (swirly lollipops)
  • Be sure to include these flavors (something for everyone!): chocolate, sour, hard candy, chewy candy
  • Plan on 8 ounces of candy per guest. Most bulk candy is sold by the pound, with 1 lb. equaling 16 ounces.


Step 3: Choosing Your Containers

With so many packaging options available, we think setting up for this step may be the most fun of all. When choosing your containers, opt for jars, bottles, bowls, etc. that are within your theme or color story. For example, is your theme “vintage”? If so, shop for mason and apothecary style jars to evoke a nostalgic look. But regardless of theme or color story, be sure to select jars in multiple sizes, shapes, and heights for a multi-dimensional look.

Equally as important as your candy containers are your serveware and goodie bags. Be sure to supply enough scoops, tongs, and boxes and bags so that guests are actually able to get to the delicious candy!


Step 4: Setting The Table

Setting the candy buffet is more than simply placing the filled jars and bowls onto the table and walking away. You must ensure that each container is accessible and beautifully placed. Here are our rules of thumb:

Similar to the class photos of our youth, the tall kids in the back, and shorties in the front. If you don’t have too many tall/large containers, you can easily create this look by stacking boxes or vintage style books (as long as it coincides with your theme), and then placing the filled candy containers on top.

Now that the back is set up, work your way towards the front with declining containers until you’ve reached just the table top. Here you can display small trays, plates, and bowls.


Step 5: Rounding Up The Décor

This last step is really what pulls your entire look together. Now that you’ve set up successfully, it’s time to add the finishing touches with decorative accessories.

To ensure a beautifully finished wedding candy buffet, include these items in your checklist:

  • Matching backdrop (fabric, bunting flags, or paper backdrop)
  • Tablecloth (be sure to stay on theme)
  • Centerpiece/Focal point (this can be a grand candy container)
  • Signage (candy labels or inspirational quotes)
  • Table décor (confetti and cupcake toppers)


In 5 easy steps, you’ve successfully thrown together a gorgeous wedding candy buffet that’s good enough to eat (literally). For more candy buffet inspirations, be sure to check out our Pinterest board!