Host A Super Fun Gender Reveal Party: Games & Activities

A gender reveal party can be held on its own, or in combination with a traditional baby shower. It can also be held secret as a final reveal for guests or even for the parents-to-be themselves!

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However you decide to host your upcoming gender reveal party, just be sure to include a few fun games and activities. These ideas will keep your guests (and maybe even you…) guessing till the very end!


Pin It To Win It

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Upon guests’ arrival, have them choose either a blue or pink pin-on bow. Instruct them to mark their pick on the slate board as a way to keep tally and to sport the bow for the duration of the party. When the big reveal happens, award the correct guessers with fun prizes!


Pop Goes The Gender

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When you’re ready for the big reveal, hand out a popper to all your guests. Patiently count down and when the clock strikes zero, instruct everyone to launch their poppers together to reveal the gender.


Sonogram Sneak Peek

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Proudly display your sonogram and invite guests to take a guess as to the gender. If you’re the betting kind, keep track of each guess and award the winners at the reveal.


Balloon Reveal Race

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Prior to the party, fill up plenty of balloons with air with only one filled with pink or blue confetti to reveal the gender. Invite participants of the game to pop as many balloons as quickly as possible (one at a time) until someone finally pops the confetti-filled balloon. It’s a race to the reveal!


Gender Ball Toss

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A “Team Pink” vs. “Team Blue” ball toss will bring out the competitors in your guests. Layout equal parts pink and blue plastic cups, and have each team toss their balls into their assigned colored cups. OR, hand each team equal amounts of dyed ping pong balls – pink for girls, blue for boys. The team with the most balls in the cups, wins!


Old Wives Tales Quiz

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A great way to include every guest is to have them ask the mommy-to-be an old wives tale to “predict” the gender. Try writing one wives tale each on a card and placing them into a fishbowl. Have guests pull out and read aloud their selected card while the expectant mom answers. Or, hand out the above quiz as a fun on-theme activity! The answer key found here.


Gender Scratch Tickets

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These creative scratch tickets are a fun way to keep all your guests engaged at your gender reveal party. Have a prize waiting for the lucky person that scratches off the winning ticket!


Gender Reveal Pinata

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Pinatas aren’t just for a child’s birthday party anymore. We love this gender reveal version that is pull-open. It’s just too pretty to bust apart at a party! Simply pull on the pinata during the big reveal and then reuse as decor.


The Answer Lies Within… The Cupcake

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Easy to make and delicious to eat. Serve up some of these tasty treats as a creative way to reveal the gender.


A Boxful of Surprises

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This idea is particularly cute if you’re surprising the parents to be. Ripping open a box filled with the gender revealing balloons will make them feel like children on Christmas morning allover again.