Cell Phones and Tech Toys at Weddings: Hot or Not?

We love weddings. We love technology. But sometimes, we HATE the two together.

funny cell phone wedding cake topper


A touchy new tech issue is becoming widespread, dividing happy couples and their phone-addicted guests: should cameras, cell phones, and tablets be banned in favor of a completely unplugged ceremony?

We looked into the problem and found great arguments for both sides.

Brides and photographers tend to prefer banning tech toys entirely, at least for the ceremony. The reasoning? We all love remembering the big day through photos and videos we took. But there’s a down side to that – people aren’t in the moment when they’re watching the wedding festivities through the lens of a camera’s view finder.

Unfortunately, it can ruin the moment for the bride and groom too – at some point, they will likely glance out at a crowd of loved ones and see a bunch of scrunched-up faces blocked by glowing screens as everyone strains to get a great shot.

On top of that, the professional photographers may wind up immortalizing that image, capturing all kinds of guests looking down at their cell phones and fiddling with cameras instead of smiling at one another and enjoying the ceremony.

There are some great uses for technology at weddings, though. Developers are building amazing new wedding apps to accommodate those tech-obsessed couples who invite guests to bring cell phones, cameras, and tablets.

Here are three amazing app ideas that high-tech couples are using at their weddings:

  • Automatically Build Fun Online Photo Albums – There are several apps that funnel all the photos snapped by guests into one online album. Guests can download the app, and then simply upload all the pictures and videos they take. Rather than hiring a videographer to hassle people to say something nice so the couple has something touching to look back on, the couple (and their guests) will get to share and enjoy a variety of fun moments and candid shots for years to come.
  • Give Guests the Info They Need in One Place – These special apps are sure to be a major hit with out-of-towners who have to manage all their own travel, activities, and lodging details while finding a way to coordinate those plans with the wedding schedule. With these apps, couples can instantly send last minute changes and recommendations for local sights and events with the touch of a button. Everyone is on the same page with the latest up-to-date wedding happenings, and before they have to head home, guests can still squeeze in some fun after the event.
  • Get the Party Started by Being Your Own DJ – For years, couples have been putting together their own playlists with the help of digital media players and personal computers. Unfortunately, the process took hours of brainstorming, downloading, and scouring the net for suggestions. Now, there are now apps that can save hours by suggesting most-requested songs and top hits from the 1950s to now and putting together instant playlists.

Remember – whether you choose to embrace technology or ban it from your affair, there is no absolute right or wrong. Your ceremony is yours, and it should reflect you and your love for one another.

What do you think of the great tech debate? Should cell phones be banned from weddings, or should we embrace technology and use apps to streamline the event? Tell us in the comments!