5 Creative Wedding Music Ideas

For most brides, music plays a huge role in planning the perfect wedding. However, some couples fall into the trap of thinking their only options are bands or DJs. We have several ideas to open your minds to a world of musical possibilities to help you plan a unique and truly unforgettable event.

Tune Up the Fun with Non-Traditional Wedding Bands

The old-fashioned wedding cover band may seem like the best available option, but these twists on the traditional band will help you make the ceremony your own.

  • Dance band – if you are all about getting your guests up and moving, a dance band specializes in playing booty-shaking numbers guaranteed to get the crowd going.
  • Tribute band – if you fell in love at a concert or share a passion for a particular band, having a talented tribute band at your wedding is a cute touch that will have guests singing along.
  • Big band – if you are obsessed with Downton Abbey and the Great Gatsby  and love all things vintage, get things swinging quickly with a big band complete with a full horn section!
  • World music – if you share a particular heritage or passion for a specific region of the world, a band that plays cultural music is where it’s at. Options include Mariachi, Celtic, Bagpipe, Flamenco, Zydeco, Steel Drum Bands, and much more.

Crank Up the Cool Factor with Karaoke

For a bit of fun quirkiness, skip the DJ and hire a KJ – a karaoke jockey. These experienced songsters understand how to get a party started, and before long you’ll fall in love with family and friends as they have fun serenading you with their favorite songs. It’s a simple way to make your ceremony unforgettable.

fun wedding music idea - singing karaoke

Add Elegance with Small Ensembles

Classical music adds an air of romance to an intimate affair. A professional duo, a trio, or even a quartet or quintet will ensure you have beautiful music to sweeten your wedding ceremony.

  • String quartets – violins and cellos are the definition of romance. If your style is traditional elegance, a string quartet is the perfect addition to your processional.
  • Woodwind ensembles – featuring flutes, clarinets, saxophones, or other woodwinds, this type of group gives a unique twist to the romance of the string quartet.
  • Guitar trios – add some flavor to your ceremony and reception with a group of guitars. This versatile arrangement allows for a variety of song styles to accompany your ceremony.

Keep it Simple and Sweet with Soloists

This option gives you an opportunity to get great music for little to no cost. If you have musicians in the family, you can ask them to contribute to your big day by singing or playing. Simply give them a song list and enjoy. Options include:

  • Singers
  • Violinists
  • Cellists
  • Guitarists
  • Pianists

solo violin player for first wedding dance - wedding music ideas

Dance it Up with DJs

The easiest route for keeping everyone entertained is a DJ who doubles as a reception MC. You can give the DJ a list of songs to play and a list of songs to avoid, ensuring your favorite music gets featured. For a super sweet touch, add in some songs you know are special to important family members and friends. That way, they’ll truly be feeling the love. You can also get creative by limiting the music to a specific era, like the 70s or 80s.

What creative music ideas do you have? Share your ideas in the comments!