Shine On: 10 Stunning Lighting Effects To Brighten Up Your Wedding

Here’s a bright idea – actually, here’s TEN bright ideas!

Lighting is such a huge make or break factor when it comes to wedding decor. The right lighting creates ambiance, directs attention, and acts as decorative accessories. With such important aspects at play, you can only imagine what the wrong lighting choices might do to your big day.

Fear not, we aim to inspire and with our top 10 lighting picks, your wedding will shine on forever in your guests’ memories (and you’ll gain some pretty stunning photos to boot)!


1) Lit-Up Ceremony

(image credit: Intimate Weddings)

We. Can’t. Even.

How strikingly gorgeous is this fixture?! Nothing says romance like exchanging vows against the soft glow of beautiful lighting.


2) Bright Walkway

(image credit: Wed Society)

Lighting up your wedding walkway is not only functional, but as evidenced… extremely beautiful.


3) Let Creativity Take Over

(image credit: Pinterest)

For the unconventional couple, go wild! Take these creative umbrella lights for example, their whimsical yet appropriate.


4) Take Lights To New Heights

(image credit: Pinterest)

If you’re fortunate enough to be working with tall ceilings, be sure to take advantage! Lights on strings and chandeliers are your best friends as they draw eyes up, creating a dramatic focal point.


5) Table Lighting

(image credit: Green Tree, Golden Moon)

Play up tablescape by hanging lights above the table. This look for example comes from one of our previous posts: “Have Yourself A Cozy Engagement Party“, but it goes well with a rustic, vintage, modern, or industrial themed wedding as well.


6) Rustic Glow

(image credit: Pinterest)

An easy way to dress up the outdoors or a rustic themed wedding is by adding mood lighting throughout. Fill vintage mason jars with candles to easily create this look.


7) Back-Lit Photo booth

(image credit: Wedding Bee)

Photo booths are hugely popular at weddings nowadays. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to create a breathtaking, lit-up backdrop?


8) Hanging Bottle Candle Holders

(image credit: Beau-coup)

For an outdoor ceremony or shower, easily dress up the natural surroundings by hanging bottle candle holders. The soft and colorful glow will highlight your event perfectly.


9) Very Votive

(image credit: Bridal Guide)

Good things come in small packages. Especially when you pile them together on a reception table to create an impressive centerpiece.


10) Floating Paper Lanterns

(image credit: Pinterest)

Saved the best for last.

Instead of a well wishing card box, invite your guests to send their well wishes in a symbolic paper lantern ceremony. It’s a fun and interactive activity that you and your guests are sure to remember forever.